About the Co-Founders


In 2005 Linda and Henry had their first Psychic Fair and they couldn’t believe the energy all around them.  It seemed like it was in every nook and cranny of the building.  They felt like they were floating on a cloud and didn’t want to come down from it.  There were so many people there receiving readings and healings. Some came to experience the understanding of spirituality and others came to explore alternative medicines and healing methods.  What a spiritual high that was! We wanted to share this with others in a bigger way.  Spirit decided to take care of that for us.  Two weeks after on of our fairs, the John S. Knight Center contacted us about having a fair there.  Henry and I knew that we could not do this alone.  We then mentioned to Barbara Anderson (Angels in the Valley) and Carol Borkoski (Angel Gift Center).  They decided to join us in the undertaking.

In 2010 we had our first Seek the light, search for the truth, Akron Expo.  The fairs are hosted by Henry Knapp, Vicki Knapp, Barbara Anderson and Carol Borkoski.

The opinions of the lectures, readers and vendors are their own and not necessarily ones that we agree with.

Contracts for Vendors and Readers: New Vendor & Reader contracts

Carol BorkoskiBarbara Anderson

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