Lecture Room B – Schedule March 18 & 19, 2017

Lecture Schedule for Saturday, March 18th, 2017

12 p.m.

Samantha Wilmoth

Star Children, Indigo Children & Crystal Children

 Raising them, teaching them and appreciating them. As a former public school teacher who has worked with childen for the last 25 years, I can offer you some insights and tools for you to use with your wonderful children.

1 p.m.

Kim Krawczysyn

What is Astrology

Learn the basics of Astrology: What the signs? What do they mean? How can you use them to help you in your life?

2:00 p.m.

Rev.Lucille Tereletsky & Rev. Donna Bell

Your Healthy Immune System

3 p.m.



4 p.m.

Rev. Patty Slevey

The Alternative Techniques for Treating Addictions

5 p.m.

Barry Helm

A Channeled Healing Meditation

Lecture Schedule for Sunday, March 19th, 2017

12 p.m.

Mary Winter

Introduction to Reiki Healing

 Mary Winters will talk about Reiki and how it can heal your body, mind, and spirit.

1 p.m.

Mary Jane Brigger

A Spiritual Pathway To Understanding Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue

In this presentation, Mary Jane Brigger will discuss the spiritual pathway she has traveled as a woman diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome over ten years ago. Within this presentation, she will discuss her frustrating journey through her initial diagnosis which resulted in the loss of her 25 year professional career and being completely helpless and housebound. Learn how she traveled through poor medical treatment and a society that punished her for not “looking sick” to discovering the “Key” that opened the spiritual pathway to her own healing and understanding of chronic illness within one’s life.

2:00 p.m.

Reverends Slevey, Tereletsky, and Bell

The Importance of Self-Care in an An Anxiety Ridden World

3 p.m.

Camille Louise Jarmusz, CH

NLP: Weight and Autism Release Hypnosis

4 p.m.

Vicky L. Kimble

Stepping fully into your light body, with the help of your Angels

We will be clearing blocks that hold you back from raising your vibration to connect fully with your angels and guides so that you can live more fully connected within your light body

5 p.m.

Donna Bretz

Everyone Needs a Spiritual Tool Box

Everyone needs a spiritual tool box to use when life throws things at you (and it will). A spiritual tool box helps us remove negativity in our home or work space. A spiritual tool box helps us to lift our energy when having a bad day. During this talk – Donna will share items, ideas, tools that she has collected over the past 25 years as she has walked her path. You will take away several ideas that you may want to use on your journey. There will be time for questions at the end.