Carol Ruth Braniff – Professional Astrologer

Carol BarniffFor over 45 years, Carol Ruth has been reading for people who needed guidance in their lives.  She has studied many areas of the Psychic Realms, in order to bring to others the tools and knowledge necessary that any good counselor should possess. As a Professional Astrologer (PMAFA), she holds an Accreditation Certificate awarded in 1986, that’s recognized in the World.

Sessions are not only about the future, but may reference the path an individual may follow in order to see and complete their life’s purpose. Most of her clients do realize this, when Carol Ruth who is a Wayshower, has revealed personal information and timing to them.

Most importantly, in a persons life, there are cycles to know about that indicate challenges that every soul has chosen to take on in this lifetime. Within a persons Natal Chart is a road map of their life. Once there is a greater understanding of what Astrology really represents, an individual is aware of the endless possibilities they have.

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