Indigo Harmony Hoops

Jeannie Raymondi Harmony hoopsMy name is Jeannie Raymondi.  I am Indigo Harmony hoops.  Here is a little bit about my hoops.
Indigo Harmony Hoops come together during an active healing meditation.  Inspiration springs from there.  Before long they take on a life of their own bringing with them information that I record for each one.  It is my belief that these hoops come together and attract whom they are made for.
I start with a branch off of a tree or bush, from there it gets a leather wrap and then sometimes it calls for a dreamcatcher.  Then I’ll start weaving followed by feather and gemstone arrangements.  Every part of the hoop is hand tied, and every piece of leather hand cut for wrapping or braiding.
The premise of having your own hoop is healing.  In all aspects of healing.  As I heal, others heal.

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Esty Indigo Harmony Hoops

Already Prepping for 2020!
Seek the Light 2020April 19th, 2020
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March 9th, 2019 11am - 6pm
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