Lady Palmer – Right Now Visionary & Healer

Lady Palmer.jpgFor many years, Lady Palmer has been sharing her many gifts.  Enabling people to discover their gifts, realize their purpose in life and attain oneness with the universe is what she lives for.  An Extraordinary Demonstrator, Right NOW Visionary and Healer – Lady Palmer can help you to become a better You!




Among her documented abilities and attributes are:

  • Facilitating  individuals living in their past into accepting and enjoying their present lives.
  • Transforming with self-defeating behavior patterns into people possessing a healthy attitude toward life.
  • Cured manic depressive persons of their illness
  • Positively impacted developmental-handicapped children
  • Successfully relieved individuals of their fears and phobias, thereby allowing them to experience life to the fullest
  • Facilitated recovering alcoholics; returning them back into society as assets to themselves and their communities
  • Healed patients with asthma, chronic back conditions and other maladies