November 12 & 13 2016 Vendors

 13 Moons )O(

“Live by the Sun Love by the Moon” is our motto. One of a kind intuitive jewelry, crystals, & other items to create a more magical life. So Mote It Be! ⭐

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Amazing Psychics

Rev. Kimberly Kaye and Kim

Angelic Presence Vicky Lee

Vicky Lee Kimble
Vicky Lee is a Master Instructor for Integrated Energy Therapy, she works with the healing Angels of the Energy Field to help remove “issues from your tissues”, giving messages from your Angels and Spirit guides with each session. Vicky teaches about the healing Angels, as well as Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels of Integrated Energy Therapy classes. Vicky is a certified Angel Therapy Practitioners and Angel Card Reader, trained by Doreen Virtue, PhD., and a Master Hypnotherapist

Bath Fitters

Bear Soul Studios

s421115925705998632_p14_i1_w400.jpegLisa Owens -Multi Medium / Medium, Psychic/Medium & Visionary Spirit Artist
Lisa has been studying the healing arts since 1988, with special attention to women’s spirituality and shamanism. She earned a liberal arts degree with focus on Women’s Studies and Cultural Diversity from Winona State University in Minnesota and carries 
learning experiences from elders of Native American tribes, European traditions, and Wise Women and Afro Cuban religions.With the use of clairvoyance and clairaudience, she communicates with angels and guides to bring forth information through an individual’s soul portrait. In addition to being a gifted medium and visionary artist, her wide experience in metaphysics gives her a greater understanding of human conditions and allows her to lead people towards different avenues to personal healing and discovery. Integrating this with her gift of Soul Sight, she provides invaluableservice to help in one’s path to evolution.

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Blond Buddha LLC


Body Therapy

Hello my name is Seree Sewell, I practice Thai Massage. It is a 2000 year old healing modality. It opens the Body up. It stretches the muscles and oxygenates the blood. It is like laying still and having yoga done to you. I will also have my friend Jackie Harris joining me. She is a Reiki Master and does powerful work.
Thank you Seree Sewell, Serees Body Worx

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Carol Barniff

Medium Readings

carol-weaklandCarol Weakland

Carol Weakland – An Author and a Storyteller, she will be offering Faery readings, along with her published works. Because of her profound connection with the Fae, don’t be surprised to hear their giggles and laughter coming from her table! Carol has completed two “Morgen of Avalon” novels, “Dreamspell” and “Child of Destiny”. She is currently working on the third and final novel in the trilogy and she may be found at




Dawn Adams – The Chakra Realm

Angel Reading and Healings


Inspiring stories, testimonials and tools for you to grow on your Spiritual Journey…

Emergence of the World Teacher Maitreya


Annette NoyesThe Emerald Box Turtle

Allow me to share with you the wisdom of the Tarot. Even if you don’t believe the cards can tell your fortune, it’s just fun!

With a strong background in the arts, science, and writing, Annette Noyes approaches her Tarot cards with not only her inner sight but also practicality and common sense. She has been providing perceptive information to clients seeking answers to their most important questions for a number of years, and once the cards are presented to her in a spread, she uses a compilation of resources to gain understanding into the message being offered. Annette’s collection of antique and modern cards allows those who ask for an in-person reading to choose a deck that resonates with his or her personal light. In addition to choosing a deck, clients are encouraged to choose their own cards for their reading. It is Ms. Noyes’ belief and experience that when a person is seeking the wisdom of the Tarot, not only should they choose a deck that speaks to them, they should also tap into their own energies to choose the cards that will best deliver the message meant only for them


Introducing The Latest Scientific Internationally Certified Diagnostic Tool
Biopulsar Reflexograph
Full Body Biofield Imaging System
Check out  our new office in Therapeutic Associates of Medina

Also look for our new product Amish made Maple Water, straight from a maple tree near you

Empowering Your Dreams


The Grove Apothica



See at Etsy The Grove Apothica

Debbie Rinaldo

debbie-ranodiMassage Therapist
Reiki Master

Final Cut Salon
143 Portage Trail
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44221

Indigo Harmony Hoops

Indigo Harmony hoops
Indigo Harmony Hoops
Jean M Raymondi

The Healer’s way

Terrilyn Long

USI/Karuna Reiki Master
Spiritual Cleansing Practitioner
Bio-Mat Technology Consultant

Infinite Creations  ~  J D Arricchi

Infinate Creations ArtInfinate Creations
Digital Spirit Drawing is an intuitive process created through digital art for you, or a person of your choosing. As with all the intuitive art J:D offers, the intent behind it is to have purpose. This is another form. This style lends itself particularly well to draw your “Ethereal Self”. A mind – body – Spirit  interpretation is included to give you an idea of what is coming through, the feel, the vibe, etc. However, that may not even be needed. Just as everything, it is the energy behind it that is important. It can be like looking into an ethereal mirror.

 Iridology by Melissa

Creating Creature Connections, Iris Matos
Iris Matos

Animal Communicator
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(Pet Psychic Reader, no pets allowed, photos only)

More about Iris….

 It’s Your Journey

Its your journey

Stones & Crystals, Intention Candles, Jewelry, Incense, Wiccan Supplies, Books, Massages, Reiki, Intuitive Readings.

Holistic Lifestyle Solutions

LaDeva De-Tox and Oils

Lady Palmer

Lady PalmerFor many years, Lady Palmer has been sharing her many gifts.  Enabling people to discover their gifts, realize their purpose in life and attain oneness with the universe is what she lives for.  An Extraordinary Demonstrator, Right NOW Visionary and Healer – Lady Palmer can help you to become a better You.






Ladyhawke Collection


Lincoln Heritage/Funeral Advantage

 Midway Metaphysical

“Midway between Heaven and Earth”


Midway Metaphysical




It may not be easy to re-train our brains to find the positive or good in all situations.  Some situations are heart-wrenching and we do not understand the ‘why’ of things happening the way they do.  But if we understand and believe that we can change and make the best of all situations, life will get easier as time passes.  We have free will and the ability to make choices.  Trust your intuition, do what feels ‘right’, and life will be good.

Bonnie Fisher


Pagan Presence

PaganPresence.jpgPagan Presence, Inc. is a family owned on-line store. We occassionally vend at special events, like ConVocation in Troy Michigan, The Victory Of Light Expo in Cincinnatti Ohio, Gift of Light Expo in Columbus Ohio, various othe Psychic Fair’s, Pagan Pride Days and other Pagan Oriented Events.

Peak Health
peakhealthakronWe use the most cutting edge techniques in medical and natural pain relief that include massage, natural chiropractic care, and botanical based medical therapies. By combining a team of medical doctors, nurse practitioners, and chiropractors we not only help our patients get out of pain faster, but they stay out of pain for the long term


 Re-sounding Joy


Join me and the genuine antique and new Tibetan singing bowls I bring to this show. Learn how singing bowls can change your life.

Sacred Ground Psychics


Psychic Bio’s but offering so much more:
Massage and Spa Treatments
Weddings, Ceremonies and Workshops

 Sacred Path Candles

Sacred Path Candles Susan Robinson






 Simply Magical Jewelrysimplymagicaljewlry

Crystal Jewelry, Chakra Jewelry & tools, Empath Jewelry & tools, Prayer, Divination, Healing Wands, Fen Shui Crystals, Incense, Candles & Sage

Solfeggio Sound And Color Self Empowerment


Kathryn Pape:
Phone: 732-539-4677

Sound-color practitioner, Author, Consultant, Speaker, Trainer
-Inner Chromotology
-Human Energy Conservation

Sound & Color Practitioner –
I am a Sound and Color Practitioner and am an Inner Chromotologist- one who studies color movement through living tissue.
I provide balancing opportunities to persons through Solfeggio tuning forks.
I build awareness of rising frequencies in colors, sounds and consciousness:  New Thinking,  New Chakra colors and New sounds in Solfeggio tones- leading us into the 5th dimension….
There will be my new book “Harmonious Communication With Yourself” and CD “Revisiting the Rising Solfeggio Tones” for purchase.

 Spiritual Soul Sisters

 Soul Keepers


For over 20 years Soul Keepers has offered goods, services and support for those on the Spiritual journey. We carry hand made and other quality items including Angels, Celtic, Reiki, Labyrinth, Deities, greeting cards, salt lamps, gemstone jewelry, books, card decks, candles and more, all at fair and affordable prices.

Tammy Ann

Hand Crafted Jewelry

 Words and Healing

Bridget Gray, M.Ed.,LPCC-S

Bridget provides confidential counseling to adults. She has experience treating people with concerns about trauma, anxiety, depression,  relationships, sexuality, spirituality and other concerns in life.  She is trained in helping those who identify as Highly Sensitive People learn to cope with this trait and the deep empathy they feel.

Young Living Oils


**This list is subject to change, because this is life and we are all human **